Hello everyone, today I'm here to introduce you to Squitty, your very own chef. Before showing you the product, I want to tell you about my inspirations for its creation.
This phrase by Dieter Rams, a great German designer, was a strong inspiration. He said “You can't understand good design if you don't understand people. Design is made for people”. I wondered about what people need.
The answer I gave myself is "emotions". living is equivalent to having emotions and in my opinion emotions must be equivalent to design. Design must convey emotions as well as leave something to the consumer.
Lately there is a lot of detachment in the world and in the objects that populate it. They are sad dishes without stimuli and emotions and that's why in my project I wanted to try to convey.
Sweetness, joy and playfulness in my opinion all enclosed in the word amiability.
Another very strong inspiration was the film Ratatouille, this film transmits many emotions and, aiming for a target of young people, I wanted to convey it to the user.
This is Squitti, a vocal assistant specialized in the kitchen, who will be able to accompany you in the creation of your dishes. It is covered in silicone. And there are speakers in the ears. the cable you see attached to the tail is just a charging cable. Squitti can be detached and carried around without any problems

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